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10 Bathroom Upgrades That You Can DIY for Under $50 (VIDEO)

Bathroom remodeling projects are one of the most popular DIY projects. Bathroom upgrading can make a big difference to your home when it’s done right. Remodeling your bathroom can bring such a drastic difference to your home. You might not think of it as an important room in the home but once you use a few DIY tips to fix up your bathroom, you’ll be glad you did.

Not only will it bring more value to your home if you ever sell but it will have you feeling like you’re entering a spa every time you shower.

1. Upgrade the Lighting

You would be shocked at how much a simple change in lighting fixtures can spruce up your bathroom. You might want to opt for recessed lighting to give the bathroom a larger, cleaner feel.

If you are sticking with a rustic theme, exposed Edison bulbs bring warmth to the atmosphere. If you want to have a nice and bright bathroom that you’ll use the mirror a lot in, you might want to install some vanity lights. Get creative.

2. Cover Old Towel Bars With Floating Shelves

Some older houses have towel bars that have been installed right into the grout and tile so they can’t be removed without damaging the walls. You might be able to find a floating shelf that fits right over your towel bar but making your own or getting one custom-fitted is super easy. All you need is a good ceramic tile adhesive and you can use the shelf to hold cute décor

3. Update the Tile

Cracked tiles on the floor, walls, and shower can make a bathroom look not only outdated but it can really dampen the overall appeal. Re-tiling is an easy DIY bathroom project. Just gram some classic white subway tiles and you can really make the whole room look brand new without getting into any crazy structural projects.

Pro tip: Check out Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for used tiles. You might be able to find a great deal.

4. DIY Bathroom Shiplap

DIY shiplap is all the rage right now. It’s pretty easy to install yourself, too. You’ll need to get some ¼ inch thick plywood planks that measure about 8 inches by 8 feet – or whatever works for you and your home. The beauty of shiplap is that it doesn’t have any super strict rules. Then, paint the planks the color of choice and let them dry.

You might need to add a few coats to cover up all of the wood grain. Use a stud finder to figure out the right places to nail your planks so you don’t do any serious damage to the walls. Finally, throw that shiplap up and use a nail gun to make it nice and secure. Voila.

5. Update the Fixtures

Some faucets and showerheads can make your bathroom look like it was stuck in the 90s (or beyond). If you’re a homeowner that wants a quick DIY bathroom update, switch out your old faucet for a sleek modern one with maybe a matte finish or a nice shiny brass.

Guests will be so impressed when they wash their hands. Also, swap out that showerhead for a nice big rain-style one. The difference will be incredible.


6. DIY Tiled Mirror

Local Records Office aggress that If you want to update your bathroom mirror but taking it down is pain or buying a new one isn’t in your budget, grab some loose tiles and create a frame. Use a contrasting color from the wall tile or paint color and glue some tiles right onto the edge of the mirror. You’d be surprised what a drastic change this simple DIY bathroom project can make.

7. Mason Jar Sconces

Mason jars are a great décor item to make a home have the countryside look and feel. All you need is a sconce that has a screw and washer to hold the jar into place and this DIY bathroom project is super easy. Play around with different colored mason jars for a different vibe in your bathroom. The blue ones are a really nice touch.

8. Paint Your Vanity

Hiring someone to do your interior design can be expensive. A fresh coat of paint can really go a long way. Sand down your vanity to begin this DIY bathroom project – so there is no more old paint or finish left. Pick a nice soft and clean white, sexy black, or a bold and bright color to really make your bathroom vanity an accent piece.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a new vanity right away if a small can paint will do in the meantime – or for good.

9. Update the Hardware

You’ll be one impressed homeowner when you see what a huge difference some small hardware makes. Toss out those bulky vanity handles or ones that have funky designs. Clean edges and single-color hardware are what’s trendy right now. If you have a darker-colored vanity, a bright and shiny handle will do the trick or vice versa. It’s all about contrast and what’s appealing to the eye.

10. DIY Storage

Making your own shelving is not only crafty and impressive – it’s very easy. All you really need is a saw and some nails. Some spare pallets or scrap wood will do the trick here. Don’t waste anything. And as a new homeowner, you’ll want to save every penny you can.

All you need to do is create a sturdy frame and nail some level, horizontal pieces into that frame, and BAM! Do it yourself bathroom shelves.

11. BONUS: Don’t Be Afraid of Wallpaper

The right wallpapered accent wall can take a bathroom from feeling bland and bare to exciting and interesting. Even if you want to have a bathroom with clean edges and a spa-like vibe, just adding a bit of texture to a wall can make it look it was designed by a pro – without being tacky.

Try some thin stripes, delicate flowers, or a marbled texture. DIY bathroom projects range from super simple to a little bit more involved. Finding the best projects for you, a new homeowner will depend on your budget and skill set. No matter what you’re bringing to the table there are tons of super quick and easy do-it-yourself bathroom ideas to make it look like you had a full renovation in just a day or two.