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The Top-Notch Home Security Systems That Will Keep You and Your Family Safe in 2020

You wake up in the middle of the night to a sound in the other room and shake off the grogginess as your heart starts pounding and your mind races through the possibilities of what it could have been. Don’t you wish that you had put some preventative measures in place so that you weren’t so worried about it being a burglar?

Bump in the Night

What if instead, you got an immediate siren and knew you should call the police without stumbling around holding a baseball bat.

Reducing Your Risk by Having a Security System


A burglary occurs once every 15 seconds in the US according to the FBI. As for how they get in, more than 70% use a door and most gain entry by damaging or removing the door rather than picking locks (43% to 26%). So, what’s the best way to secure your home? Just start with the areas that are most likely to be used by burglars, your front and back door.

There are a couple of approaches that you could take. If you can not or do not want to invest that kind of money that a complete home security system requires, you can still secure your doors with some affordable solutions that will add additions protections. One really great idea that I like a lot for its versatility is the door stop alarm.

It is essentially just a wedge that sits behind any door that swings open and will stop a door from completely opening if a burglar kicks the door in and breaks the frame. You can also get one with an 80+ DB audible alarm when it is triggered.

It provides an extra difficulty for the burglar that bypasses your lock or kicks in your door at a time when you need every second you can find your phone and call the police and also plan for your self-protection or escape. As an added bonus, you can pack in your travel bag and use it in a hotel when you are traveling, as well.

Have a Security System Professionally installed


The obvious approach would be to go out, research, and buy a complete home/apartment security system. You could have it professionally installed and sign a contract for a few years at $30-50 a month and purchase that peace of mind. Or, you could opt for a do it yourself installation and skip the contract security companies and pick someone without long term contracts. Some companies don’t even have any monitoring fees. The equipment will still probably set you back $200, at a minimum. It’s a well-known fact that security systems save lives every year.