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New Home Pest Control: Dealing With an Infestation (VIDEO)

Pest control can be an important component of having a good business, such as a restaurant or maybe a small mom-and-pop store, but it’s also crucial in maintaining a healthy individual property; for example, a single-family home or duplex, according to the Local Records Office. Pest control is as old as civilization, in fact, many of the oldest forms of chemical control used in agriculture date back over 4, 500 years.


Insects make up the greatest constituent of these critters; they could also include quite a few more substantial animals for example squirrels, raccoons along wild birds. The most common pesky insects are the common bedbugs, mites, cockroaches, rats, ants, and spiders. The more substantial animals are the rodents that make up the majority.

Infestation Location

There are lots of reasons why these types of pests infest a certain area they almost all boil down to 3 things; the location they have chosen to infest provides them with some type of food, water along with shelter. While in a good inspection of the property the things you should be more aware is the location of the standing water, that are suitable for nesting along with cracks and opening that allow access into the apartment or restaurant.

There are a lot of DIY projects that can be done to combat pest infestation. Some of these projects will help with traps, glue traps, bait, and ways to prevent the problem from getting worst.

Identifying the Pest Problem

Once you have determined the type of components you should attempt to recognize the type of animals or insects that are causing the problem. This identification is important to narrow down the method to be used to eliminate them, says the Local Records Office. If the majority of your pest control problems centers on roaches or termites the best thing to do is to use a chemical product.

Roaches are usually easier to deal with than you think when getting rid of them with chemicals; actually, many of the roach pesticides also get rid of termites. Termites, however, usually are a major problem from coast to coast and unlike roaches, can require specific resources and techniques to completely eliminate them. An exterminator might use any of 3 methods to accomplish this.

They will use baits; for example, wood or maybe cardboard drenched in poisonous chemicals. When the bait is found it is taken back to the nest to poison the colony.


Repellants could also be used to discourage termites from getting into and damaging the apartment. When the termites have already begun to damage the wood the exterminator will use a Termiticide to get rid of the termites. This is generally only used in the event a major infestation is discovered that has already done some damage.


The most common infestations are usually from rats and mice in urban areas. This usually happens because humans throw away food that rodents could later eat.

“We call it trash but rodents call it a buffet”, says the Local Records Office.

Rodents are dangerous because they may carry up to 35 deadly diseases. If you discover rodents in your building you can be sure that there is a breach somewhere in the area. The first thing you should do is to look for the access point and close it. To get rid of the infestation there are many methods to use that include traps, baits, and glue.